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Islam: Does It Make Sense?
Islam: Does It Make Sense?
A rational approach to choosing faith.
Islam: Adopting Its Paradigms
Islam: Adopting Its Paradigms
Living Islam with an effective, proper outlook.
Exploring Islamic Beliefs
Exploring the Islamic Beliefs
An in-depth study of the Islamic faith.
A Book Unlike Any Other
A Book Unlike Any Other
Understanding the guidance of the miraculous Qur-aan.
Finding Your Soulmate
Finding A Soulmate
A guide for both Muslim parents and youth.
Unveiling the Commands
Unveiling the Commands
The truth about Hijaab, Jilbaab, and Khimaar.
Deen Main Kaamyabee Kaa Tareeqah
Deen Main Kaamyabi Kaa Tareeqah
The way to achieving success in Deen.

Islam: Adopting Its Paradigms

Islam: Does It Make Sense?

This book for Muslims will help the reader acquire a proper Islamic outlook, understand the objectives of Deen, and adopt Islamic paradigms. It will be able to help you:

  • Clearly understand Islamic paradigm of life and religion and how it is different from the prevalent paradigms adopted by society, as well as the Christian, Jewish and hypocritical paradigms;
  • Resolve many confusions about Islam and its teachings that you may have in your mind and answer many of your questions without even asking them from anyone;
  • Shift your paradigm the way it was shifted for the Sahabah as soon as they understood and accepted Islam;
  • Enunciate the goals Allaah SWT wanted Muslims to achieve through Islam;
  • Capture the real meanings of Qur-aanic terms such as “fowz”, “falaah”, “khusraan”, “tazkiyah”, “iqaamah of deen” and “izhaar of deen”.
  • Grasp the profundity of the messages of soorah At-Takaathur and soorah Al-Faatihah; and,
  • Identify the causes of the disunity and differences among Muslims and come up with ideas of building cohesiveness.

216 pages; Order today for $15.00 CAD (plus $3.00 shipping)

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