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  1. Performing Salah as the Prophet Performed
  2. Why Can’t a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?
  3. Why Are Muslims Against Jews?
  4. What is Meant by the Word Nafs in the Qur-aan?
  5. Can I Call a Kaafir a Kaafir?
  6. Questions about the Qur-aan and the Messenger
  7. Why Rights of People (Huqooqul 'Ibaad) Are Not Listed Among the Pillars of Islam?
  8. Sufism vs. Salafism / Wahabism
  9. Can Re-Examining One’s Faith Be Dangerous?
  10. Are Ahlul Kitaab Included in Kuffaar?
  11. Dilemma About Determining Islamic Dates
  12. Angels, Humans and Animals
  13. Why Does the Qur-aan Mention Only the Middle Eastern Prophets?
  14. Turning Life Around at Once or In Baby Steps
  15. Straight Path or Path of Steadfastness?
  16. Which One is the Straight Path?
  17. Salaah and Qibla
  18. Slave Girls and a Reminder About Asking Questions
  19. Dos and Donts of Wedding Celebrations
  20. Dower vs. Mahr
  21. Why Would An Angel Curse a Woman
  22. Dealing With Depression and Marriage
  23. Human Killings and Allaah
  24. A Woman's Khimaar and Covering of Hair
  25. Believing in Allaah's Omnipresence
  26. A Question About The Killing of Infidels
  27. Questions about a Lesbian Sister
  28. Why are you writing Tafseer when other Tafseers are available?
  29. Am I Being Punished For My Sins?
  30. Concerns About Blind Obedience
  31. Is Sunnah of Allaah the Same as the Laws of Nature?
  32. Where Does Bismillaah Belong?
  33. What is Amaanah That Was Bestowed Upon Humans?
  34. Three Questions Regarding the Pronouns Used for Allaah in the Quraan
  35. Preferred Country to Live In and Ribaa
  36. Pets and Pigs
  37. If Allaah Seals Hearts Then Why Are People Punished
  38. Stopping Evil
  39. How to Make Inheritance Fair
  40. How to Deal With the Death of Loved Ones
  41. How To Cope With Different Versions of Islam
  42. Disturbing Questions About Islam and Muslims
  43. Islamic Work Is a Slow and Steady Process
  44. Parents and Alcohol
  45. Direction and determining the Qiblah
  46. Obedience to Ulool-Amr
  47. Wheelchairs Inside Masjids
  48. Confusion Regarding the Verses for Fighting
  49. Differences in Madzhab
  50. What To Do With a Secret?
  51. Can a Sunni and Shia Marry?
  52. Two Part Question Regarding Pronouns and Sexuality
  53. Are Qur-aanic Teachings Currently Applicable?
  54. Why are our Du‘aas not effective?
  55. Are tattoos and piercings unIslamic?
  56. Inquiring About the Worship of Allaah
  57. All About Questions

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